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Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

Everyone knows posting content, blogging, creating backlinks, and other marketing tactics but gets failed or stuck in the middle due to lack of proper strategy and planning. A well-defined marketing strategy is important for your business. We at igenr8 builds a proper roadmap for digital marketing strategy and planning for the online growth of your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning
Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

Working without strategy and plan is like driving a car without knowing the route, marketing your brand without proper strategy or plan causes you to lose money and waste time. Digital marketing is not a short-term task, it’s run in the long-term, so it’s necessary to build a Digital Marketing Strategy and Plan in which you go forward. 

A digital marketing campaign always faces obstacles along the way, so we should always be ready to face these hurdles by creating proper roadmaps and action plans. If your Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning are proper it’s possible you face less obstacles, which saves time and improves productivity.

Reasons why you need a Good Online Marketing Strategy

  • A directionless, if you don’t have clear strategic goals you don’t put enough resources to achieve the goals. 
  • Not knowing your business and brand-related audience, it’s important to find your audience whom to target. 
  • Not aware of your competitors, no proper competitor analysis. 
  • Don’t know your online customers very well, their needs, requirements. 
  • Wasting your money and time in duplicate and repeating work. 
igenr8 Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

igenr8 Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning

A good marketing strategy sets clear goals and operations to achieve the defined goal.
6 key components we are using to make a good digital marketing strategy.

Set Goals

Define a proper goal, reevaluate your priorities. Whatever your goals are, must evaluate your results. Smart goals give clarity on the actions taken to achieve the goals.

Understanding your Target Audiences

For any marketing campaign, you must know whom you’re targeting. Whether you’re delivering products or services, you must know about buyer persona - age, income, location, interests, etc.

Competitive analysis and determining market share

know whom you're competing in your industry, identify your competitor, calculate market share, strengths, and weaknesses, their targeted audience, positioning in the market, and then make a strong strategy.

Manage a SWOT Analysis

SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis will help to identify the overall framework of your market, potential organic growth opportunities, and external threats. The SWOT data help to develop better digital marketing strategies.

Accumulate your Digital Marketing Budget

The most important step in creating a digital marketing plan is to calculate your budget, which defines how many digital marketing activities you have available, a guide towards specific channels, strategies, and tactics.

Choose right Digital Marketing Channels

Choosing the right channel which defines your audience, goals, and budget. Defining channels consider where your audience spends most of their time, to improve return on investment use more cost-effective channels.

Without proper strategy and planning, it’s not a good idea to start working. We at igenr8 first work on strategy and prepare a plan, share with you then work accordingly. Our Digital Marketing team works as per strategy and hits business goals. 


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