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How Does B2B Lead Generation Work for Technology Companies?

B2B lead generation for technology companies

Competition is always fierce, especially in the tech industry, so it’s no easy task for a business to thrive unless companies make use of the right lead generation strategies to get their products in front of customers.

Lead generation refers to the act of finding people interested in a company’s product/service and gathering their contact information. Once you have attracted these leads to the sales funnel, the lead generation team must nurture them with different strategies to convert them to paying customers.

Identifying the target customers is the first step to lead generation. Once a company has identified their target customers, they can start to think about the best lead generation strategies for their brand.

B2B Lead Generation for Software Service and Product Companies

There are many software service and product companies around the globe that want to attract customers but it is difficult for sales professionals to find leads due to the competition.

It is even more difficult when your customers have so many choices. They will move on to another software service company if they are unhappy with the first software company they had chosen. Sales professionals must work hard to find leads for their software service and product companies.

The lead generation stage can be one of the most tedious parts of the sales process in a software service and product company. It can be difficult to identify your target audience, the competition for your products and services, or who the right person in your target organization is to have meaningful conversations with.

B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Technology Companies

A lead is someone who shows interest in your product/service in any way. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ready for a purchase. It is important to educate potential customers about your product and services in order to generate targeted leads in the IT, tech and SaaS sectors.

Technology is growing at a rapid pace. And this is exactly why technology companies require strong marketing communication and agile lead generation techniques to get exposure for their products and services. If technology companies want to grow and remain competitive, they need unique strategies for lead generation. Successful lead generation starts with setting the right goals and following through.

Take a look at the goals you can set for lead generation with the help of a lead generation agency:

1. Set objectives you want to achieve

Before you begin to draft a B2B lead generation strategy for your technology business, think about the key outcomes and objectives you are trying to achieve. These help you track progress and align your company’s strategic goals. Objectives & Key Results (OKR) software is a popular method used by digital natives to motivate everyone to follow the same path because it is simple, quick-paced and engages everyone. It is possible to set it up, track it, and then re-evaluate it (quarterly), if necessary.

2. Develop a go-to-market strategy

A go-to-market strategy is an action plan that outlines how a company will launch new products or relaunch existing products in new markets. These strategies are designed to provide a unique and compelling value proposition to customers in order to improve customer experience and increase competitive advantage. Such a strategy typically includes a business plan, which outlines a pricing strategy, sales strategy, and marketing strategy.

3. Create content that aligns with your prospects’ requirement

Technology companies can generate leads by creating valuable, educational SEO content. Blogs are a popular way for businesses to reach prospects. Software companies can generate leads by creating positive experiences for their customers. Lead conversion rates increase when customers are offered solutions to their common problems through relevant content. Focus on the creation of content that will be useful at the various stages of the sales funnel, such as awareness, consideration, decision.

Customers discover the problem in the first stage and look for white papers or expert guides. The next step is to determine the root cause and find possible solutions. This lead generation method can be used by technology companies to position themselves as market leaders in their industry. This content should be transparent, educative, entertaining, and pertinent.

4. Define your target audience

The greatest challenge for technology companies in terms of lead generation is adapting to changing customer needs. It is important to listen to customers often.

Define your target audience

This simple lead generation technique provides technology companies with a better understanding of their potential customers’ needs, wants, and buying patterns. It helps tech companies appeal to their customers so much that they share their contact details, e.g. via forms to learn more about the offer. You can create multiple buyer personas if you offer multiple products. However, ensure that each product fits your brand.

5. Email marketing campaigns

Once you’ve organized a webinar or obtained email addresses using another lead generation strategy for your business, continue to nurture the leads through email marketing campaigns. You can share your recent content, promote your value proposition and advertise upcoming events in the emails. Some of your marketing qualified leads may not buy from you but others might. Your lead will be able to turn to you at the right time or unexpected need if you have established a specialist status through consistently valuable content.

6. Start connecting and engaging on LinkedIn

A strong LinkedIn marketing strategy can make a huge difference for your business. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for your business to build industry connections and win new clients. Many companies have their own strategies and tactics to increase sales and retain customers. This is known as Generating Leads via LinkedIn.

You can use Google Ads, PPC Marketing or any other social media platform that is high in traffic, such as Instagram or Facebook, to focus on Lead Generation. Ask your business leaders for permission to share relevant content from your company page via their profiles. This creates a positive impression and is seen as an authentic source.

You must also regularly publish thought-provoking and relevant posts to ensure your business’ strong presence. To grab attention, you can post different types of posts, including images posts, write-ups and videos.

7. Experiment with creative outreach

Do you prefer to continue beating your head against a wall with monotonous dial after dial? Or email after email after email? You could make it more enjoyable for your customers and yourself by experimenting with creative outreach.

Although email, LinkedIn and the phone are very noisy channels, it is important to send letters and packages. Consider how many emails you get in a day. Think about the last time that you received a handwritten letter in the mail. These are unlikely to be as common. This simple act can make you stand out.

8. Follow up with your prospects

Reaching out to your loyal customers and asking them for a review is one of the best B2B lead generation strategies technology companies have. Just as we trust our friends and family to make a purchase decision, so do consumers. It’s because authentic and up-to-date reviews can help you build your online reputation.

Prospects search for your company there and then compare it to other companies in the technology industry. This is especially useful for start-ups competing with established tech companies. Make sure you follow-up with your prospects so that your brand is the first thing on their mind when a need arises.

Why should technology companies outsource B2B lead generation services?

Technology companies face the greatest challenge when it comes to generating leads. This is because their products can be complex and potential buyers might have difficulty seeing the value of what they are selling.

It’s crucial to simplify your product to appeal to potential customers. However, you must also have an effective outreach strategy.

A B2B lead generation agency can help connect technology companies with change agents within the organizations you wish to sell to. A lead generation agency is more likely to reach change agents because they have mastered sophisticated marketing techniques and persistent outreach.

igenr8 can help grow your technology business with B2B lead generation services

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