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B2B Lead Generation For SaaS/Product Companies

B2B Lead Generation for SaaS Companies

Gone is the time when people would buy products or services based on fleshy advertisements. Instead, they give their precious time to sincere research before investing. This simply means that you must focus on developing strategies for B2b lead generation for software products that will keep you on the top of your mind when your brand makes it to their list of purchases.

For effective B2B lead generation for SaaS and products, you need strategies, and in this blog, we are going to discuss the very techniques that will increase not only the lead volume but also help you generate high-quality leads for your b2b business.


B2B Lead generation strategies for SaaS/product company


1. Know your service/product

How can you sell something without having complete knowledge about it? You can’t, right? This holds true for your SaaS products as well. You need to know your product inside out to sell it faster and better. In addition, you should be able to differentiate it from other’s products. You know your product when you can address the specific needs of different customers and help them make software purchase decisions.
And once you know your product, do not forget to present it in the best way for which you can seek help from guides & documentation. Make your product guide to display its information better.

Know your audience

2. Know your audience

Every lead generation strategy starts with knowing your product and service, but that isn’t enough. To ensure it reaches the people who actually need it, you need to know and search for the right audience. A blurred or unclear vision of the targeted audience persona can never drive maximum results from a lead generation strategy, however good it might be. Therefore, first, figure out:

  • What does your potential lead or customer look like based on location, age, income, gender, likes, and dislikes?
  • Which platform does your targeted audience like the most? Is it Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube or somewhere else? 
  • What do your potential leads like to search on your brand website or competitors’ websites? To find this out, you can seek help from the intent data.

3. Prepare informative and engaging content

The content to be prepared for generating leads for IT services has to be relevant. In other words, it should revolve around your products and services, stating their benefits, features, uses, etc. However, content is not just about sharing information but also about how you share it. Therefore, ensure that you share it engagingly.

For example, you can create a standard FAQ section for your SaaS product, or you can do it better by creating a video answering the most common questions about your service.

4. Focus on quality than quantity

High-quality leads are the backbone of any business. Businesses have all the paid traffic, but only those businesses who can attract prospects that are willing to buy the product generate cash flow. When enterprises decide which potential leads are most likely to convert is also called lead qualification and forms a crucial part of the sales funnel. So, while you generate leads for B2B SaaS, focus on quality and not quantity.

Some ways to generate high-quality leads are selecting the right social media channel such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Another way is by directly connecting with potential leads to offer free service.

5. Enhance user experience

User experience significantly contributes to generating leads for B2B SaaS. Improper UX structure can never help you in capturing leads online. Therefore, you must run a UX audit on your website and app to look for UX problems and to resolve them. The issues that SaaS websites face are

  • Slow page load time: Patience is a virtue,” but the “virtue” goes out the window in the case of slow page load time. 0-4 second load time is best for generating leads and increasing conversion rate, and for mobile users, it should be a maximum of 3 seconds, but unfortunately, most mobile web pages take 15.3 seconds to load, says one of the Google reports. As per Portent’s 2019 report, for websites, the conversion rates drop by an average of 4.42% for each additional second of load time.
    Almost 70% of consumers accept that page loading speed impacts their decision to visit a website. Therefore, improve your page load time today.
  • Add clear CTAs: A proper call to action button increases leads, and it is crucial to be added not only on pages like the home page, pricing, sign-up, and about us but also on the newsletter and social media posts.
  • Mobile-friendly website: Almost three-quarters of internet users worldwide will access the web browser via their smartphones by 2025. Isn’t that number enough to make B2B SaaS/product realise how important it is to make your website mobile-friendly? You must ensure that the website layout and content are designed for small and big screens.

6. Re-evaluate pricing option(s)

Pricing is one of the important SaaS/product lead generation factors that must be considered to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Today, SaaS companies are using several pricing structures to cater to different customers’ needs which helps them excel.
Some of the popular pricing options SaaS/product company chooses are the per-user pricing model, flat-fee pricing, tiered pricing, pay-as-you-grow pricing model, Multiple tier pricing plans, and modular usage pricing. There is also a one-time price model, which is worth buying when you don’t plan to add any new features to your product.

Offering your potential leads complete access to your software service for a limited time in exchange for their personal contact details is another powerful strategy for B2B lead generation for software companies, and this model is called the freemium model. However, others give free-forever plans to a limited number of users and with limited features.

Nurture Your Leads

7. Nurture your leads as you mean it

As per Fortune Business Insight, the global SaaS industry stood at $130.69 billion in 2021. And by 2028, it is estimated to become a $716.52 billion industry. With these growing numbers, do you really think that telemarketing calls, cold emails, or simple content-sharing techniques will do the lead nurturing job? Of course not, and so, you need to nurture your leads like you truly mean it and the new digital landscape offers you several options to nurture your leads, such as:

  • Live chats: Studies show that online shoppers tend to purchase more online if live support is available. So, live chatbots on a website motivate more buyers to shop from you and help nurture leads faster without much effort.
  • Content marketing: Content marketing is still a great way to nurture leads; however, you must go beyond simple blogs and articles. You must provide downloadable whitepapers, e-books, and other content material to stimulate your lead’s interest.
  • Social media marketing: SMM is the perfect platform to generate online leads, but it can help you the most when you can nurture them in your sales pipeline after analyzing your potential leads interactions on social media platforms via DMs, comments, likes, followers, etc.
  • Account-based marketing: Account-based marketing is a powerful SaaS lead nurturing strategy because it streamlines your marketing and sales teams to target just the high-value leads. It generates better results while reducing your workload.

8. Reach the right decision maker

Every business is at a different phase of its business life cycle. However, there are three primary structures you should be aware of:

  • The sole decision maker: This person is the ultimate decision-maker that controls the final purchasing decision. This person is often the CEO, president, department head, or projects director. However, the position varies with the organizational structure and company size.
  • A sole decision-maker who requires consent from the board: The title says a lot. Here you not only need to obtain secure sign-off from the ultimate DM but crucially, they require approval from their board. This kind of approval is required in larger, compliance-heavy businesses with higher-value products.
  • An Influencer with multiple decision makers: In this case, the decision is taken y one person, but that person needs consensus from the different stakeholders impacted by the buying decision.

You can always follow these strategies on your own. However, companies often invest in lead generation companies to scale the business and get more leads. If you don’t want to take the job of ‘reaching to people and converting them into sales’ at hand, or you need some expertise, sign up with the best company providing services such as generate leads for software services or products.



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